Lucky Sevens for the Reluctant Writer

People often ask me why I chose the name “7 Memories” for my memoir-writing business and books. On the surface, we all know that seven is the world’s favorite, the “lucky” number. And seven is the number of days of the week, seas, continents, colors of the rainbow, and notes on a musical scale.

Aside from the “lucky” significance, I chose “seven memories” because it’s a workable number in terms of starting a memoir. The thought of writing a memoir can be daunting, but if you start with just seven memories, it becomes doable. Plus it requires you to decide on the significant experiences in your life. That’s a great way to start because it gives you focus and direction. Of course, my hope is that the method would motivate you to write more than 7 memories, but it’s up to you.

Get started with one of the memory prompts that make you think in terms of “7.” Spin the wheel below to get your prompt. Have fun writing … and keep writing!