Memoir Partnering Method

Easy way to help someone turn memories into memoirs!


Offers a message to future generations


Encourages connections with others


Honor those of the past


Improves memory and agility


Sparks curiosity among family and friends

3 steps in 28 days and you’ve turned your memories into a memoir!


Revised with New and Powerful Tools!

New powerful tools to bring your obit to life!


Do your loved ones a favor … write your obit yourself!


ONLINE tool for starting your memoir


How to Organize, Write, and Polish Your Memoir


20 Chapters the jumpstart your memory

MemoirMagic™ Online Program

Memoir Magic™ is a comprehensive, affordable, and fun way to get to that first, important draft.

You’ll have access to 20 chapters, including Childhood, Grade School, Youth, High School, First Love, Career, Beliefs, Family Heritage, and more. Within each chapter, you are prompted to enter your memories and thoughts. Such prompts guide you to remember details to write your memoir.

Click some buttons and add some text and …

VOILA! A first draft!

MemoirMagic Jumpstart


Dedicated to those of you who:

  • Don’t like to write
  • Haven’t a clue how to begin a life story or memoir
  • Don’t know how to retrieve information from the past
  • Feel guilty about not writing your life story
  • Don’t want to write a memoir yourself
  • Want a video memoir

Everyone has a story worth remembering. Create a legacy that will live forever … write it yourself, partner with a loved one, or let 7 Memories do it for you

Free Stuff and Resources

Realize, there’s NO ONE WAY to write a memoir.

Start with your:

  • photos or mementos or memorabilia
  • journal or diary
  • favorite memories
  • treasured collection
  • anyone who means a lot to you
  • anything that means a lot to you
  • any source of inspiration

Our goal is just to get you started … and to keep you going! Here are some helpful resources.

First Feedback About Your Memoir

Confused about your memoir?

  • Is it interesting?
  • Does it open in a way people will want to read it?
  • Does it maintain momentum throughout?
  • Does it convey the message I intend?
  • Does it have a variety of style and content to please readers?
  • What are the strong areas? Weak areas?
  • Are you going in the wrong direction with your writing?
  • Are you getting stuck?

Get answers to these questions and more.  Get FREE professional feedback about your memoir.

Memory Prompts

Need some help in evoking memories?

Search hundreds of memory prompts covering a variety of memoir categories, ranging from Childhood to Adulthood and include Reflections … and more!

Memory Prompts will be updated regularly … so come back often!

BJ Strong (1919-2018)

Click to learn all about the beloved and remarkable Betty Jo (BJ) Strong.

Be sure to watch her many videos and hear her humorous and humble words of wisdom.

Capture memories and create a treasured keepsake for future generations

The 7 Memories Series of books shows the easy way to turn memories into memoirs for yourself or to help another.

  • Step-by-step directions for using photos and memorabilia to spark memories
  • Templates for creating memoir pages
  • Prompts by category for evoking detailed memories
  • Flexible method easily tailored to specific levels and needs

What our writers say

I am impressed. You did a grand job of editing my manuscript, Down to a Soundless Sea. Your insights are brilliant. Your attention to detail is astonishing. I adore your dedication to perfection. Your sensitivity to my voice and style was exemplary. The manuscript is set for publication and you helped make it possible. I consider you a diamond polisher of the highest caliber.

Thomas Steinbeck Oxnard, CA, author of Down to a Soundless Seapublished by Ballantine Books

With 7 Memories, I wrote a memoir that my friends and family LOVED. I had to keep printing more and more copies because everyone who read it, wanted to keep it. And I don’t consider myself a writer at all. Thank you, Trish, for helping me create a treasured personal biography!

Betty Jo Strong San Diego, CA, author of Life is Wonderful, Self-published memoir

You were invaluable in helping me see my project through from the earliest stages to publication. You read my manuscript with an impartial thoughtfulness and with intelligence. You made helpful suggestions for change and aided me to implement them. Your editing was always for the improvement of the work.

When it was time to find an agent and a publisher, you helped me along every step of the way. You never gave me false hope, but provided gentle encouragement. Your opinions were always wise! Now that my book has been published and is receiving the positive comments of others, I truly know it couldn’t have been done without you

Sharon Romm, MDSeattle, WA, author of Dating After 50, published by Quill Driver Books