7 Memories: Write Your Memoir in 28 Days

Write a memoir

Memoir samples and examples


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Tips for writing a good story

NEW EDITION with Powerful New Tools to capture your memories and turn them into a beautiful memoir–even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or have a lot of time.

Write a Memoir in 28 Days

How to Write a Memoir 

28 Days in 3 EASY steps:

GET READY (Days 1-4)

WRITE (Days 5-25)

FINISH (Days 26-28)

write a memoir

Relax and Write Your Memoir

Sit down with your cup of coffee or tea and start with a slice of life–7 memories that show your hopes and dreams, awesome experiences, and personality. They reveal your UNIQUE life story.

Learn how to begin to write your memoir, step-by-step.

Use our memoir examples to turn mere words and phrases into detailed descriptions.

Re-charge your memories using our prompts.

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