Write a Memoir and Include Childhood Memories (Early Activities (Sports, Hobbies, Interests)

Document family history

  1. What were your typical and favorite childhood activities?

  2. Were there any pets, toys, imaginary playmates, books, dolls or games that were especially important to you as a child? Describe them. What influence did they have on your development?

  3. Did you belong to any youth groups? Which ones? What influence do you think they played in your development? (for example, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, 4-H, church or temple youth group)

  4. Were you athletic as a child? What sports did you play? Was this acceptable to your family.

  5. Have your physical activities and your beliefs about physical activity changed over time?

  6. Have you had to limit or focus on your physical activity? If so, how did you react?

  7. Are there articles of clothing you once wore you no longer wear?

  8. How were these activities different from the way they are done today?

  9. What activities in your youth did you enjoy most (playing games/sports, reading, artistic endeavors, community service, etc.)