Write a Memoir and Include Education Memories

  1. What kind of schools did you attend? The number of students? What subjects did you like best/least?

  2. Did you enjoy school?

  3. What kind of student were you?

  4. How far did you go in school? Did you complete a degree?

  5. What did you do for fun?

  6. How would your classmates remember you?

  7. Are you still friends with anyone from that time in your life?

  8. What are your best and worst memories of high school?

  9. Did you continue your education after high school? Why? Where?

  10. Did you have any difficulties pursuing further education? (family support, money, etc.)

  11. Describe jobs you had as a young person at home. Describe any paid jobs you had outside the home.

  12. Did you obtain full-time employment immediately after high school? Why? Describe your jobs. What did you earn?

  13. Did you enjoy working? Why or why not?

  14. How was your education different from the way children are educated today?

Dedicated to those of you who:

  • Don’t like to write
  • Haven’t a clue how to begin a life story or memoir
  • Don’t know how to retrieve information from the past
  • Feel guilty about not writing your life story

Everyone has a story worth remembering. Create a legacy that will live forever … write it yourself or partner with a loved one.