Online Memoir Writing Program

    1. Write a Memoir and Include Your Values and Beliefs

      1. What was your family’s religious affiliation when you were a child? How religious was your family? How religious were you? Have your feelings about your religion or spirituality changed over time? What has been your source of spiritual support throughout your life?

      2. Why and how were you punished as a child? How did you react? How has your personal experience with discipline or “justice” affected your attitudes about raising children or social justice?

      3. Describe your philosophy of right and wrong and how you think it developed.

      4. What is your religion?

      5. What role does religion play in your life today?

      6. Do you believe in God?

      7. Do you believe in the after-life? If so, do you think you’ll go to Heaven?

      8. Have you experienced any miracles?

      9. If you have children, what advice did/do you give them about their futures? Do you give the same advice to boys as to girls and boys? (for example, advice about morals, marriage, religion, education, work, etc.) Why or why not?

      10. How has your belief/value system changed over time?

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