Write a Memoir and Include Memories of Your Separation/Divorce

      1. How long did the relationship last? If the relationship ended, describe the reasons. If it ended in divorce, who initiated the divorce? Why? What were significant stresses? How did the divorce affect you financially and emotionally?

      2. If you divorced with children, how did you and your ex-spouse handle child custody? Living arrangements for the children? Financial support for the children? How did it impact you?

      3. If you are gay, when did you know your sexual nature? How did you feel about that realization?

      4. When your parents, family or friends learned of your sexual nature, how did they react? If you have children, what do you tell them? If you have kept your sexual nature a secret, describe the impact of your decision.

      5. Describe any difficulties you have experienced as a result of you sexual nature.

      6. Describe your experience as a mother/father, grandmother/grandfather.

      7. How has your attitude toward your relationships changed over time?