5 Techniques for Starting and FINISHING Your Memoir

I’ve applied these 5  techniques from the The New York Times  to the 7Memories Series, realizing that starting and finishing a memoir may seem like a daunting endeavor. Yet it IS doable. Here’s how, based on 7 Memories: Write Your Memoir in 28 Days.

  1. Specific: Be clear that you will write about 7 memories in 28 days. You can add more later using the process that takes you from recall to writing.
  2. Measurable: Each day you add more to your writing. Watch it grow from words and phrases to sentences, paragraph, and voila! a memoir of 7 significant memories.
  3. Achievable: Writing a full-blown detailed autobiography may not be your cup of tea. But a memoir, starting with 7 memories is achievable.
  4. Relevant: Writing your memoir is an important goal. It will mean so much to your family and friends. You have a lifetime of experience to share that will flow from your 7 memories.
  5. Time-bound: Working 20 minutes a day for 28 days is all you need. You’ll get into the habit of writing, preferrably the same time each day.

Remember: Left untold, your story will be like a library burning to the ground.