Special Announcement from 7Memories.com: New Memoir Ghostwriting Service and Team Member

We are expanding services to include ghostwriting …

Allison Bechill, M.A.

with the addition of Allison Bechill.

Using the 7 Memories Series, Allison will work with clients to craft meaningful memoirs for themselves and their loved ones.

The decision to add ghostwriting services comes after many discussions with clients and organizations that serve older adults. We realize that many have the desire for a memoir, but cannot write it themselves or with a memoir partner.

So Allison is our official 7Memories.com Memoir Partner and ghostwriter. When not working with others to share their stories, she devotes time to her own creative pursuits and is a voracious reader of mysteries, foreign literature, and short stories.

Read more about Allison here and learn more about our services here.