Partner to Write a Memoir: It’s About Time

Karen von Hahn’s memoir reveals intimate details of growing up with a larger-than-life mother. (Mango Studio/House of Anansi)


In What Remains, Karen von Hahn writes about the items her mother loved after her mother passed away. “It wasn’t until after she died that von Hahn realized these objects tell a story.”

Before your loved one passes, get the story. Create a beautiful memoir over a series of visits together. Each memoir session is based on a photo/memorabilia item. 7 Memories: Partnering to Write a Memoir guides you, step-by-step. You develop a deep significant connection with your loved one and enhance self-esteem by honoring his/her life.

Memoir Partner, Rosemary says,My mom and I love partnering together to write her memoir. From the beginning, I had a sense of relief knowing where to start. The questions are awesome. The prompts make a world of difference as they bring out information I hadn’t thought about. And I’m learning things about my mom I never knew. This guide has been a gift to both of us.

7 Memories: Partnering to Write a Memoir

Help create a legacy for future generations with your loved one.