Benefits of the Memoir Partnering Method for Caregivers Activity Directors Family Members Friends Volunteers


For the Extraordinary Person (EP) you are helping:

  1. Improves memory and mental agility.
  2. Teaches new skills.
  3. Encourages connections with others—even those your EP may have lost touch with years ago.
  4. Sparks curiosity about your EP among his/her family and friends.
  5. Leads to a better understanding of oneself.
  6. Leads to a greater realization of your EP’s personal power.
  7. Offers the opportunity to honor others in your EP’s life.

For you, the Memoir Partner

  1. Learn powerful listening skills.
  2. Learn basic story-writing and memoir-writing skills.
  3. Learn tactful interviewing skills.
  4. Learn proven proofreading skills.
  5. Make a deep significant connection with your EP and others.
  6. Enhance EP self-esteem by honoring his/her life.
  7. Help create a legacy for future generations.

For generations of readers

  1. Offers a message to future generations.
  2. Teaches positive values from the past.
  3. Helps others understand the importance of their legacy and the effects of significant life events.
  4. Sparks an interest in doing ancestral research and writing a journal or memoir.
  5. Provides a legacy—a gift of kindness and caring from one generation to another
  6. Leads to deeper connections, healing, and forgiveness.
  7. Honors those of the past.