Memoir Monday: In Thinking About Obituaries, A Memoir on Dying

Patricia Wall/ New York Times

From Patricia Benesh, Ed.D: In teaching people how to write obituaries, I’m not really obsessed with dying. Quite the opposite. I’m passionate about finding the beautiful essence of each person and celebrating it. The “Awesome Obituary” is 90% about life and 10% about death. It’s modeled on the New York Times obits.

I’m excited to teach it at the La Mesa Oasis at 1:30 Wednesday (Oct. 11th). In looking for quotes, I came across a review of a wonderful memoir by Cory Taylor, relating how dealing with death, causes one to reflect on life.

From a New York Times Review by Jennifer Senior:

“It’s almost inevitable that dying makes you reflect on your past, which perhaps explains why “Dying” is not merely a meditation on the present, but a journey backward in time…”

Every passing life leaves something beautiful behind. Celebrate it in an “Awesome Obit.”


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