Memoir Monday: 97-Year-Old Shows Off Her New Wheels

(Excerpt written using 7 Memories: Partnering to Write a Memoir)

When I didn’t have a car anymore, I had a bicycle, but my balance got goofy and I couldn’t stay up on it. So I got a tricycle—and it’s wonderful. I love it. It’s great exercise and I used to ride it to the Plunge, but it closed. So now I ride it to the library every Tuesday to volunteer. I organize the newspapers and magazines there. The biggest obstacle to all of this is losing my independence. I used to go up to Long Beach and see my sister and my boys every two or three weeks. Now I don’t see my sons very much. Thank God for the telephone.

My biggest aim is not to be a burden and to keep my independence. I do know that it’s more rewarding to give then to receive. So when others help me I think that I’m doing them a favor. And it tickles me.

I feel so fortunate. I know that a bad experience can be a plus. “You can fall into a toilet hole and come up smelling like roses.” I think my folks used to say that. (BJ, 97 years old partnering with Trish.)