Thanksgiving is the perfect time to create Memoir Moments. In fact, there are many opportunities to spark past memories and to make new memories during this year’s celebration.

A “Memoir Moment” is a snapshot–a moment that makes up our personal stories and reveals who we are as human beings.For those whose memories are fading,Thanksgiving offers a time to recall vivid memories of traditions in the past and bring them forward to the present. You as the Memoir Partner (MP) can learn simple techniques to evoke memories in your loved one, your Extraordinary Person (EP). Here’s how.

Past: Your EP recalls memories through favorite photos, memorabilia, music, food, of Thanksgiving.

Present: Your EP is photographed doing Thanksgiving activities and relates a sentence or two about it.

You capture these Memoir Moments by writing them in a book so your EP can read and keep memories alive after the activity.

Adapt your prompts and the language to your EP’s skill level. Keep it to simple prompts (see below)..And write simple sentences. Use large print (16pt or 18pt or larger).

As the MP (Memoir Partner), you build an everlasting bond with your EP.

Evoke Thanksgiving memories by:

  • showing a favorite photo or memento of Thanksgiving

  • singing/playing a favorite Thanksgiving song

  • eating a favorite Thanksgiving food

  • offering items that are reminiscent of a favorite Thanksgiving smell

  • showing photos, videos or memorabilia of a favorite game, sport, or special tradition (clothing or parade)

  • sharing a favorite memory of Thanksgiving


Yes/No Prompts for encouraging conversation:

  • Do you remember the first time you celebrated Thanksgiving? Do you remember how old you were? Or who was with you?

  • Do you remember what you did to celebrate that Thanksgiving? Did you have any family traditions? Did you all get together and tell stories or?

  • Do you have a favorite song or music of Thanksgiving?

  • Do you remember any smells associated with Thanksgiving? Do you have any favorite foods? (smell of turkey or apple pie)

  • Did you play any special games or sports or have special traditions or wear special clothing? (getingt dressed up in Sunday best for dinner?)

  • Do you have a favorite memory of Thanksgiving? (Were you with your parents? Your relatives? Your friends)

NOTE: These prompts require only yes/no at first, with the goal of having your EP fill in more details.

Prepare for Thanksgiving celebration this year:

Discuss setting (where it will take place) and activities (what will happen).

Include relatives and friends involved

Capture Thanksgiving this year in photos or video:

Have relatives and friends write to your EP about connecting (past or present) during Thanksgiving. Include

their letters in your Memory Moments book.

Send us one Thanksgiving Memoir Moment–a photo and a few words about your special Thanksgiving this year.