Alzheimer’s Diagnostics–Online Brain Health Tests

Online Brain Health Tests: Accurate or Anxiety Provoking?

In a previous blog, I listed some of the new tests for diagonosing Alzheimer’s disease–questioning the efficacy of the tests as they may result in false positives. Moreover, with no cure for this devastating disease–would you really want to know?

Among the available tests are numerous online quizes to gauge your brain health and risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s a quote from an article on the efficacy of a particular online quiz that’s being solicited.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent, volunteer panel of national experts that makes best-practice recommendations for clinical services such as disease screening, has found “inadequate direct evidence on the benefits of screening for cognitive impairment,” even among older adults, and therefore does not currently recommend routine testing, much less brain imaging. The Alzheimer’s Association website recommends check-ups for those with any of “Ten Warning Signs,” none of which overlap with the Brain Health Quiz (nor do they mention simply worrying about the disease).  (Source:

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