Alzheimer’s Diagnostics

Do You Want to Know?

Early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is at full speed. It’s no wonder, given the aging Baby Boomer generation and our growing overweight and diabetic population. With the “silver tsunami” and the large number of adults who do not engage in a healthy lifestyle that might mitigate the disease, we have the perfect storm for a global health crisis. Currently, treatment of  the 44 million Alzheimer’s population has a $300+ billion price tag. By 2050, it’s predicted that the Alzheimer’s population will grow to 135 million.

If you’re worried about your chances of getting the disease, there are a number of tests on the market now…and more in laboratory trials. A number of blood tests for biomarkers are available and a new eye scan is in the works. Numerous memory tests are available online including a 10-minute test in use for research.

But here’s the rub. At present there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Plus the efficacy of these tests is not verified and some may result in false positives. So–do you really want to test to see if you’re a candidate for the disease?